Sara Afshar

Director & Producer

Sara is a journalist and filmmaker. She worked for the BBC for 16 years on its current affairs programmes, Newsnight and Panorama. Her last film, “The Killing of Farkhunda” was nominated for a Royal Television Society award for Best International Current Affairs Documentary. She is the founder of Afshar Films.

Nicola Cutcher


Nicola is an investigative journalist. She has previously worked at the BBC on programmes including Panorama, Newsnight, This World and one-off documentaries. She has also been published by the Guardian and New Statesman amongst others.


Executive Producer
Callum Macrae
Lindsay Duncan
Rollo Clarke
Gordon Watt
Javier Manzano
Jonathan Callery
Jay Dacey
Graphics Designer
Aslan Livingstone-Ra
Archive Researcher
Val Evans
Radwan Al Barbandi
Bayan Abughaida
Sara Hajjar
Shatha Yassin
Post Production
The Farm

With Thanks To

  • Bassam Ahmad
  • Bella Barr
  • Edward Floydd
  • Amnesty International
  • Commission for International Justice and Accountability
  • Guernica 37
  • Human Rights Watch
  • Syrian Association for Missing and Conscience Detainees
  • Syrian Centre for Media and Freedom of Expression
  • Syrian Network for Human Rights
  • Syria Justice and Accountability Centre
  • Syrian Centre for Legal Studies and Research
  • Violations Documentation Centre in Syria
  • UN Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic

Many Syrians helped us whose names cannot be published for their own protection. They know who they are. We are grateful to all of them.